Farm-Pik Promise

The Farm-Pik promise is to deliver fresh, crunchy, juicy and healthy produce to our consumers across India. AAFL does this by implementing a range of technology-driven facilities for product handling, sorting, preservation and dispatch. A range of product quality scientific tests are conducted so that only the right quality reaches our consumers across India.

Produce collection at state-of-the-art Farm-Pik premises

  • Apple farmers in Himachal Pradesh harvest produce and reach to the nearest AAFL facilities 
  • Collection facilities are equipped with latest technology and Controlled Atmosphere Storage facilities 

Quality Check

  • Quality tests are performed to check colour, shape or any external deformity. Further, tests like pressure, starch and TSS are also performed to ensure that only right quality of apples - free from pesticides and other disease causing microbes, reach the consumers. 


  • Produce is conveyed in the sorting machine
  • Produce passes through camera units to sort as per size and colour grade
  • Sorted produce is stored accordingly in intermediate storage bins (along with farmer’s reference details)
  • The storage bins are moved to Controlled Atmosphere (CA) chambers 

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Chambers

  • These are technology-driven chambers where the atmosphere is controlled by regulating  the relative humidity, carbon-di-oxide and oxygen. Using these facilities, the produce can be preserved to 9 months with nutrition intact.
  • In traditional product handling facilities, farmers need to harvest all the produce together and supply the whole quantity to nearest markets. During this process, a lot of produce is wasted due to over burdening, transit, etc. 
  • The CA technology introduced by Adani, also the largest facility of its kind, permits farmers to harvest their produce in parts and reach AAFL facilities at their convenience. This allows farmers to get real price for their produce and helps avoid market glut. 

Dispatch for Consumers

  • Fruits are packed with a strict quality assurance process and are sold through a wide distribution network using cold chain. AAFL sells its products via the 'Farm-Pik' brand which is the largest fresh fruit brand in India.

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