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Our 'Pro-Farmer' Business Model

Before AAFL's investment in the sector, everything had to be done by farmers themselves. Post harvest, they had to sort the apples manually as per colour, shape and size and pack them. This was followed by manual loading into trucks to transport this to faraway markets where they had to bear unethical commission and discounts charged by agents, over and above bearing the transportation expenses.


This process used to take many days and led to a lot of inconvenience to the farmers in the form of time and energy invested. The process does not end here. By the time the produce is sold in market, a substantial produce is wasted/ rotten due to improper handling, leading to further losses. Often, this process led to market glut, further deterring the situation for the farmers.


With AAFL’s technology-driven business model, a lot has changed in favour of the farmers.


All that a farmer has to do now is to take the produce to the nearest AAFL facilities, which are located much closer than traditional markets (mandis). They can even transport the produce in smaller quantities in the containers provided to them by Farm-Pik. Farmers' expenses now have gone down, and income has risen. No unethical commissions and expenses are borne by farmers to the agents at Markets, and no more market glut. 


The completely transparent system allows farmer to reap the rewards for their hard work, and the consumers enjoy high-quality, nutritious apples.


Before Farm-Pik
After Farm-Pik
Sorting, packing, loading Farmers did these manually
Mechanically done at nearest FarmPik Unit
Selling place Faraway Mandis
Nearest Farm-Pik unit
Selling price Decided by agent
Decided based upon product quality, size and weight
Income Relatively less, considering much of unethical expenses borne by farmers
Increased, as they get paid as per Apples quality, size and weight
Payment to farmer Takes time, discretion of agent
Immediate, incl bank transfers
Effects to Farmer Time consuming process of selling apples, delay and reduced income
Increased income, Peace of mind, Increased bank credit (due to bank transfer) etc.
Effects to local economy Agents flourished
Increase in Apple Production, Enhanced banking, Strengthened distribution network, Reduced wastage of agri produce

Service To Farmers

Horticulture Experts at the Farm-Gate

AAFL has a network more than 15,000 farmers in Himachal Pradesh, comprising of more than 90% small and marginal farmers for sourcing Apples from Shimla, Kinnaur and Kullu valleys spread across 700 vilages. The farmers are regularly informed about the price and post-harvest management practices in the harvesting period. AAFL has a trained field team and pool of renowned scientists to reach out to these farmers for providing advisory services to boost production with enhanced quality, thereby generating higher income.

AAFL has created awareness among the farmers on proper sorting, grading, packing and logistics in line with international standards. This has curbed losses  at farm-gate and increased realization.

Farm-Pik Farmer Service Centre

AAFL has 3 Farmpik Shopes in Shimla District (Rampur, Sainj & Rohru) of Himachal Pradesh as farmer service centers. These centers provide quality agri and horti inputs including anti-Hail Nets and fertilizers, agronomic services and pre & post-harvest technical know-how to farmers.

Medical facility through Adani Foundation

Adani Foundation, the CSR arm of Adani Group, believes in an overall and inclusive development of a nation, 'community health' becomes a pivotal area for the Foundation to act on. Bringing healthcare at the threshold of every household in the remotest of Sainj region in Himachal Pradesh, Adani Foundation runs Mobile Health Care Unit (MHCU) and rural health centre for the local populace. Operational since 2009, the  MHCU at  Sainj visits 33 villages and gives healthcare services to around 8000 patients a year on an average. The rural health centre at Sianj caters to around 1000 patients a year. Besides, Adani Foundation at Sainj also organizes several medical camps and programs. In 2014-15, 25 medical camps were organized treating a total of 1,847 patients. 


Soil testing lab facility in all Adani CA Storage

AAFL has soil testing facility at all our CA stores in HP (Rampur, Sainj & Rohru)


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